A Record in Time

A Record in Time is from my new series Ruta Canalera on view in Allegro Gallery

Republica Canalera

Since the construction of the Panama Canal, Panamanians have felt disconnected from the Canal Zone. The area was restricted for Panamanians and therefore we feel excluded, isolated. As a result, we name the people who lived there “Zonians” as to isolate them further.

 The Zonians were probably changed by living down here, they probably acquire some of our traditions, or maybe they kept their traditions and ways of life even more alive. We, in turn, were influenced by the Americans: We looked up to them and wanted to emulate them, I think we longed to be included.

 What I’m looking for in Republica Canalera is to capture the lost human connection, I want the viewer to be able to look inside the Zonian houses and realize that they were people trying to make a life down here, trying to raise a family on a place they called home and be happy like the rest of us. I want the viewer to imagine for a minute what it was like to live in the Canal Zone, I want the viewer to feel included instead of excluded.


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